Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Poem 2011

From the time I was a little child until now,
I wanted to be just like my mother
There are a lot of great and special women in this world
but like my mom there is no other
Mom, Im more thankful now than ever to have you in my life
as my mom and my friend
Even when the devil thought he had us down
I knew our prayers would win
I admire your determination for your body
to be completely healed
God sees that, and it won't be much longer
and your hunger and thirst will be filled
I know I say this alot
but you are my best friend
The one I can talk to about anything and everything,
on you I can depend
You've been there for me
through it all
Through all my fears and heartaches,
when I thought I would fall
You've been my mom
who gave me love and your embrace
You've been my best friend
who encouraged me when problems I faced
Mom, I know that its said no one is perfect
but to me you are the perfect mother, without a doubt
You have a light shining in your heart
You are a beautiful woman inside and out

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jesus is my Refuge!

When you are in the valley God will not come down to stay with you, Hes inviting you to come up on the mountain. In the mountain of his holiness..He is beautiful for situation. Sometimes the mountains not to easy to climb..You've got to strive!! Press on! There is no man to put your confidence in, man will fail you..but you know what..God will never fail you! You can trust in God. We've got to be set apart from the know the world doesn't read the bible, the read our lives. What does the world see in me? What are they reading in my life? We need to be pouring our heart out to God. If we don't our heart will deceive us! The saying is "Follow your heart" But we've got to follow God and where he leads. We've got to trust in God. Psalm 91:2 :..When I put my trust in God my trust is safe. Jesus is my refuge! If you want a refuge; You get in the church and you get in Jesus!! You get some artillery! Always remember, whatever you are facing, whatever you are going through, have no fear, you will make it, JESUS IS YOUR REFUGE!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whatever the price to miss hell, am I willing to pay?

If we really want to miss hell theres a price we must pay. We better wake up to that fact! Where is the fear of God that used to be in the Apostolic people? The fear of God needs to strike the hearts of those that are cold and lukewarm.  When you are walking with God and trying your best its most likely the people you are closest to that will hinder you..or the things you like to do the most.. Sometimes you just have to let go. Let me say from experience, its gonna hurt but if theres someone thats a hindrance to you in your walk with God, its better to cut off fellowship with them and be hurt over that than to go to hell being their friend.. I know it hurts to lose friends, believe me I've been there. But if you can't win them to God then they are a hindrance to you. God will heal your hurt. Just let go and let God. .. At the end of time or when God cuts someone off after he's warned them over and over, people are gonna beg for mercy and mercys not gonna be there. We cant live one way in church and another way out and call that paying the price. Although thats what so many so called apostolics are doing. Are YOU willing to pay the price?

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Poem For Dad

As a little girl
I always looked up to you
Daddys prayers always worked
was one thing that I knew
Now that Im older and I look back
through the years
I realize I dont know where I would be
without dads prayers and tears
You have often showed me right from wrong
and you've taught me how to be strong
Thank you so much dad- You've always been there for me
and thanks for loving me uncondictionally
You have taught me the importance
of prayer in the morning and night
Thank you for praying with me
And helping me fight
You have been an inspiration to me
As the years have come and gone
You are a wonderful, loving Dad and Pastor
whom I am thankful I can depend upon
Written by:Crystal Wasden June 17 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've Got A Testimony!

I have a testimony: my testimony is not one that tells of how God has delivered me from drugs or alcohal or anything like that..and for that Im very thankful. When I was born my dad was a pastor in a small town in Flordia..we were only there a few months before moving back to parents have brought me up in church living for God and giving him my all. I am so thankful that I can say that I have never seen my parents drink alcohalic drinks, smoke, cuss, or anything like that..Dad and Mom have been the best example that there could be on this earth. God has richly blessed my life and everyday he makes life worth living. I was baptized at the young age of 9 on the 13th day of November 1999. And also received the wonderful gift of the HolyGhost at the age of 9 on the 18th day of July 2000. It was so wonderful celebrating 10 years this past year!! But when I started getting a little older I wanted to see what different things were like that was in the world.. but then I started paying attention closely to the messages I had heard all my life and seeing other young people getout of church just because of a little slip here and there they got completely out. And I realized I have a great testimony because I have never had to go out and experience this world. Never smoked, drank, or did drugs..never wore pants, jewerly, or make up, or anything like that. I've never had a t.v in my home. Here in the past few years I have gotten a better understanding of what really living for God is. My dad became the Pastor of the church that my Grandpa founded in August of 2006. God has greatly touched my life in so many ways! Theres been so many times when he's healed my body..I couldnt even begin to count! Im just saying that when you think that you dont have a testimony...think again!!! Look back over your entire life...You have a Testimony!! I havent give all my testimony in this..I just kinda made a really long testimony short. Hope that you have enjoyed it.


Thank you Lord for another day of Thanksgiving
a day of peace, joy and love
Thank you Lord for your abundance of blessings
that rain from above
Thank you Lord for food on my table
and shoes on my feet
Thank you Lord for a roof over my head
and for my every need you meet
Thank you Lord for a Pastor
who has instilled in me the true way
Thank you Lord for being the Potter
and molding this ole peice of clay
Thank you Lord for giving me parents
who show how much they care
Thank you lord for what you give me
The 'Armor of God' I promise to always wear
Thank you Lord for my family and friends
and this time together we have to spend
I give you all the thanks on this day and everyday
for you are my closest friend

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder
I'm climbing up that ladder
and that ladder is Jesus my king
I'm climbing and climbing
If you get on the ladder I'm on
You will feel fire in your bones
The more I climb, the better I feel
I will not look down, cause the devil loves to kill
I'm climbing above my doubts and fears
above it all
I'm climbing up Jacobs ladder
and I will not fall
I'm gonna climb Jacobs ladder
I'm going all the way till the top
I'm gonna keep on climbing
There's no way I'm gonna stop
I've got a reason to keep on climbing
I'm reaching for more and more every day
I'm gonna keep on loving God, my mind's made up
There are tests and trials, but God's making a way
I'm gonna make every step count
I refuse to back down
I just feel like climbing higher and higher
for I know I'm heaven bound
When I get to the top
I'm gonna shout and sing
Cause I'm gonna be up there
with Jesus my king
I'm not there yet but I'm on my way
I'm not gonna look down or around
When I get there Jesus will be waiting for me
Until then I'm not gonna let nothing knock me down
Written By: Crystal Wasden August 4, 2006